Money Making Opportunity affiliate system

Become a part of our referral/affiliate system to make money while you shop at our stores online. To qualify, you just need to make one purchase above RM100. On top of that you also get free shipping.

After that you will need to submit your registration at our affiliate page. Each time someone click your affiliate link and purchase the product, you will be entitled to 10% of their purchase price. After accumulating upto RM100, you will be eligible to cash out.


Simply use the link to email to your friends, family members, display at your blog or simply share it with your friends at Facebook. It is that simple and easy.


If you refer another affiliate, you will get 5% of its cut. 



Currently, we only approve affiliate that has purchase from us at least RM100 in a single purchase. As a reward, we will start your affiliate/referral account with RM50, it means that you just need to earn another RM50 to get your first cash out.

Register Here (please use the same email so that we can approve your account)

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